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So enjoy the fruits of your labor! Any selection you make is final and you’ll need to replay the sport once more to get completely different endings! You can use this guide that will assist you pace run it to get the ending you desire! Hungry Shark Ball is a discontinued refund sport. You play as a shark with a jetpack and compete in opposition to other players, pushing a ball into the opposing staff’s objective to attain. The Hungry Shark Trilogy features only one shark, the Great White Shark, which additionally has a Mega kind.

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Its appearance is just like the one in Hungry Shark Evolution. It is the only real shark that is playable. At greater levels, it can eat some prey that it normally can not, similar to Lionfish.


Hungry Shark World, the newest sport within the Hungry Shark series, features more sharks than some other game in the sequence by far. The sharks are listed within the order that you simply see them within the Shark Selection sub-menu. All regular sharks and few particular sharks have baby versions. Hungry Shark Primal is an upcoming recreation within the Hungry Shark franchise, set in prehistoric times. New and distinctive prehistoric hunters are available to play in this sport. Violet the Blushing Shark will at all times keep by your side in each ending which is fairly sweet!